Data Discovery Platform

Finding and exploiting the right data at the right time is critical for decision making. Our modular data platform enables organisations to discover, analyse, and visualise their information.

Registry Module

Envitia’s Registry module within its Data Platform is a step-change in the way organisations store, locate and use data. It puts the power of data in the hands of those who need it, when they need it, creating new insights and enhancing decision making.

At its core is the ability to link disparate data sets in new ways. Across the whole enterprise, users can find, access and share all the data available to them, regardless of its storage location. This allows organisations to exploit the real value of its data and drive cost-efficiencies by preventing duplication of data sets, significantly speeding up the search processes and increasing collaboration between users.

Event Server Module

Integrating real-time event feeds to deliver a high performance open-standards service for web, mobile and desktop clients.

Data Server Module

Managing, processing and publishing data through automated workflows to open-standards compliant web services.

An advanced, ready-to-go portal providing open standards compliant access to rich set of collaborative and analytical capabilities.