Discover Geospatial Data Analytics to unlock the hidden power of location

Geospatial Data Analytics

Everything happens somewhere and location connects the physical and digital worlds. Understanding this relationship will deliver insight you wouldn’t otherwise know exists.  

Getting to that insight requires overcoming complex big data challenges with specialist geospatial data software and expertise. At Envitia, we call this getting the data foundations right.

Data foundations underpin the successful exploitation of data including data analytics, AI & ML.

Our Capabilities

We divide the data value chain into Data Foundations and Data Exploitation. We help our customers extract the most value from their data by starting with the often overlooked Data Foundations. Data projects will fail unless the Data Foundations are in place. 

Once these are in place we help customers deliver the business value they require from their data. We do this through a team of data experts using Envitia software or integrating 3rd party or open source components.

Data Architecture

Critical for alignment of the data foundations to the business needs

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Data Modelling

Critical for interoperability, data modeling creates a common language for your data.

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Data Quality

Critical for transparency, data quality provides a consistent measurable
standard for your data.

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Data Catalogue / Warehouse

Critical for accessibility, data warehousing provides a central
place to access your data.

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Data Analytics

Generates insights from data to inform decision making

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Data Visualisation

Creates an easily understandable representation of data.

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Moves to predictive decision making.

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Why choose Envitia?

We focus on your business outcomes

We start with the business value needed from your data project then work backwards to data and tech. This delivers the ROI you need.


We have 25 years of deep data expertise

Our heritage is applied research in data and we have been leading the way in data standards and data modelling.

We are geospatial experts

GIS tools are great but require a geo “super user”. We ensure our geospatial solutions are designed for non-technical users across your organisation.

We are technology agnostic

We’ll find the right solution for your organisation whether that’s using open source, 3rd party software or Envitia software.

We're trusted with sensitive Government data

We hold the highest levels of security clearances having worked with Government defence & intelligence customers for over 25 years.  

We can scale to fit your needs

As an SME with private equity backing we can handle your projects no matter how small or large. This provides true flexibility and innovative thinking balanced with governance and delivery assurance.

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