Essential Shared Data Assets – Critical Data Elements for Cross-Government Decision Making

In his LinkedIn article 'Are your Essential Shared Data Assets Getting You Down?' Envitia's Thomas Noott acknowledges that the management of Essential Shared Data Assets (ESDAs) often proves problematic for organisations. In this summary version of the article, Tom describes how we supported a Government client when they engaged with us to assess their critical data elements.

“Essential Shared Data Assets are critical from a cross-government perspective and the shared ambition by the Cabinet Office is for all departments to have a number of ESDAs identified, including those related to the ‘Top 75 services’ this year!

But where do you start?

A large Government Department recently invited Envitia and our experienced consulting team to conduct a discovery to devise a methodology to assess their Essential Shared Data Assets (ESDAs) against the Q-FAIR (Quality, Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Reusability) principles, combined with the assessment of an initial tranche of ESDAs.

This underpinned their commitment to the National Data Strategy, which includes the cross-government data marketplace, and will benefit them in the longer term by making their data more Q-FAIR.

So what did we do?

The results of our detailed assessment highlighted several issues with the Q-FAIR compliance of in-scope ESDAs datasets and the fundamental ability to produce information that is Q-FAIR compliant by default. This included:

– Inconsistent processes for data and metadata creation

– Lack of data standards/defined governance model

– Lack of technical and contextual information presented to data users.

Our team made a number of recommendations and provided a roadmap that will result in the following for our government client:

– Significant Q-FAIR compliance improvement of in-scope ESDAs

– Consistent creation of new information that is Q-FAIR compliant by design

– Consumers can easily interpret and link theirs and other central government data, leading to the department realising its commitment to open data as part of the National Data Strategy

– Improved user experience and trustworthiness when using their data

– Operational savings for the department, in terms of time, money and efficiency

– Improving the suitability of their data for use in leveraging AI / ML insights.”

As leading experts in data across government, our Envitia team can help support you on this journey.

Please get in touch with Jose Pedro Vaz or if you’d like to find out more.

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