Envitia Innovation Tournament

Envitia is proud to launch its very own Innovation Tournament, a new initiative aimed at generating ideas that deliver value to our customers and company.

The tournament will be company-wide for staff across the UK and US offices to submit their ideas, with no restrictions on the type of idea or concept.

This means it can be anything from a passion project that supports product enhancements, to more efficient and sustainable ways of working, or even an entirely new service with capabilities that can support our customers.

An Innovation Workshop will be run to help with idea generation and collaborative refinement of ideas. Here is a brief overview of the process:

Stage 1

Once submissions have been made, everyone will have a chance to vote on their favourite ideas. These will then be assessed to determine whether they make it to the second round.

Stage 2

Teams can develop the idea and present or demonstrate them to the leadership team.

Stage 3

The best concepts will be taken forward as projects with full backing from Envitia, led by the team that submitted the idea.

Innovation has always lay at the heart of what we do here at Envitia, and we hope this new initiative will foster some amazing opportunities for our customers and company as a whole.

Written by Dave Vint, Head of Pre-Sales

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