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The recruitment industry is tough – and as an internal recruiter in the data and geospatial space, I am continually battling with other organisations for the best talent, whilst hiring people with the correct drive and attitude. This is whilst trying to maintain our own high standards and be an employer of choice and the best in our field (not too many plates to spin then, eh?)

I believe the key to successful growth for any organisation begins with an unforgettable candidate experience. Changing jobs is scary. The unknown is frightening. Therefore, it is our job as recruiters to understand that the feelings candidates experience when job hunting, interviewing and working their notice (which can be anything from a few weeks to a few months) are incredibly important.

This is why employers should take it back to basics –  treat people how you would like and expect to be treated, but then do what you can to exceed their expectations – that is what will make you an employer of choice.

And that is what we want to achieve at Envitia. So here is an insight into what you may experience with us here:

We may over communicate:

We are big believers in ‘over’ communication – There really is nothing worse than being ghosted!

Before your first day, we will send you your agenda for the first week, so you have a clear idea of what to expect and have plenty of time to digest it

We promise to make you feel human:

Changing your job is a big decision – don’t rush into it! Make sure you take time to go to the other interviews you have arranged. This way you can  weigh up the options that are best not only for you, but also those who are close to you as your new job will affect them too.

We keep our promises:

If we say we will do something (it could be as simple as just getting back to you), then we will. We will always  endeavour to respond within 3 business days.

We always confirm our next steps:

No one likes surprises – we will always tell you what the next steps are in your application. Even if you have been unsuccessful, we always aim to provide you with feedback so you can use it to improve at your next interview!


So now you know what to expect from us, here is my advice to all you candidates…

If you are thinking about accepting a job offer, but feeling somewhat unsure, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the role going to offer you the flexibility you need? Will you be able to pick your children up from school at 15:00? Or work from home while you have your washing machine fixed (instead of having to use your annual leave?)
  • Have you researched the company on Glassdoor & LinkedIn? Be sure to look at what employees say, but also what people who have interviewed there say about their first impressions and experiences with the company.
  • Do they practice what they preach? Check out their values, do they align with what you can see on social media and their employer branding platforms?
  • What are the benefits like? A good benefits package should not only benefit you, but also those close to you
  • Is the role going to offer you career development and challenging work that is going to satisfy you?

And most importantly…

  • Throughout the interview process, how have the company made you feel? How have they treated you? Did they pressure you into making a decision? How flexible were they with times and dates? Have they taken more time than you’d expect to come back to your questions? Have they under-communicated and left you wondering what is happening next?


Why not take a look at what people say about us on Glassdoor

written by Kayleigh, People Manager

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