Ultra Integrates Envitia Mapping Software Into TacViewC2 Platform

MapLink Pro now deployed into Ultra’s TacViewC2 Real-Time Command and Control solution

Ultra Electronics’ TacViewC2 software sets a new standard for mission-oriented, real-time tactical displays for Command and Control (C2).  Its ability to work with Envitia’s MapLink Pro software enables the system to simultaneously display thousands of data tracks with the necessary real-time responsiveness required to visualise the battlefield in a way that supports well informed operational decision making.

MapLink Pro and TacViewC2 creates a C2 system that is used by US Military services and provides a mapping system capable of handling vast amounts of data without compromising performance.

“Envitia is delighted to support Ultra’s strategic capability through a long term relationship” said Envitia CEO Nabil Lodey.

MapLink Pro, is a suite of software development kits (SDKs) used by developers to build high-performance mapping applications across the globe.

Designed for the most demanding real-world requirements, the TacViewC2 software provides unprecedented flexibility and customisation.

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