Envitia Software Goes Live on Swiss and German Defence Systems

MapLink Pro software selected to develop the next generation of air defence systems

The Swiss and German Armed Forces have gone live with upgraded air defence systems that use ‘mapping situational awareness software’ provided by Envitia.

Envitia’s MapLink Pro technology is being used by Rheinmetall AG on its Air Defence System, which forms part of the Swiss Armed Forces air defence modernisation project.

Rheinmetall also selected MapLink Pro for the German Air Defence System – MANTIS (Modular, Automatic and Network-capable Targeting and Interception System). The MANTIS system is the world leading air defence system designed to protect military installations and critical civilian infrastructure from aerial threats coming in at low altitude, including manned and unmanned aircraft.

MapLink Pro is a suite of Software Development Kits (SDKs) that enable developers to build high-performance mapping applications.

Envitia CEO Nabil Lodey said: “We’re pleased to support the success of these two leading air defence projects. MapLink Pro has now been fully integrated into their existing command and information systems, and its adoption ensures that it meets future requirements and tackles emerging threats.”


Learn more about Envitia’s command and information capabilities here: 

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