Happy Wellness Day, from Envitia

Awareness for work-related stress continues to grow in this generation and April 1st marks the beginning of Stress Awareness Month. But despite awareness being at an all-time high, according to the Mental Health Foundation, at some point over the last year 74% of UK adults have felt stressed to the level of being overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Work-related stress can have both mental and physical effects on wellbeing. Everyone reacts to stress in different ways so the impact of it can vary and depends on personality and response to pressure.

Envitia has had a busy start to the year and an extremely busy period of late so in recognition of all the hard work during this time as well as the effect this had on mental and physical wellbeing, we held our first ever ‘Wellness Day’ on Friday 5th April. A day off from work designed to allow recovery from a stressful period for the company, where everyone can unwind to come back a little more relaxed, refreshed, and raring to go again.

We did however encourage one condition! A photo of how each member of staff spent their Wellness Day – it could be anything that had a positive impact on them mentally or physically. You can see how some of us spent our day below…

Written by Luca, Junior Sales & Marketing Executive

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