Envitia Wins Hackers’ Choice Award At Royal Navy Hackathon

Envitia took part in the Royal Navy’s Project NELSON Hackathon at HMS President in London.

The NELSON Data Platform is a unified endpoint for interfacing with an entire ship’s data whether it be in combat, platform or command (the ships “mind” if you will). The Hackathon provided some of our best developers with hands-on access to an unclassified version of the Data Platform. This enabled our developers to code an application based on real scenarios with front-line users in the room watching on.

The Envitia team performed outstandingly to develop a unique approach for applications on future Royal Navy warships and received the highest praise of all by being voted as Hackers Choice Award winners.

One of our star developers, Lyam, said “the day itself was really fun and it was nice to work with a modern design supplied by the Navy, as well as to see how other companies made use of the technologies. As the deadline approached, our stress levels grew a little but we managed to complete something we were proud of and I think it paid off in the end because of the positive response we received.  I’m looking forward to the next event and the opportunity to become involved in Exercise Information Warrior next year”

At Envitia, we’re lucky to have a great team of data consultants and developers who can deliver great software that turns data into valuable information for our customers to use and improve their business operations.

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