Envitia In Support Of World Mental Health Day 2018

At Envitia, we’re conscious of the stress that both work and life places on mental health. To support World Mental Health Day 2018 the team got together in order to raise awareness and discuss how we can recognise the signs of someone who may be struggling, to understand how we can support each other, and for each of us to embrace that:

“it’s okay not to be okay”.

Traditionally, workplaces, ours included, have trained first-aiders and CPR units installed in the building. Yet, despite being the number one cause of work absence in the UK (over 90 million working days a year), mental health related issues are often overlooked and comes at a cost of approximately £35 billion a year.

Part of our responsibility as an employer is to ensure that we have people trained in mental health awareness so that we can spot problems early and therefore can act early.  But our responsibility is also to create a positive and healthy working environment that supports the well being of the team. Of course, it is in the best interest of the business to be active in these remits but we also want to provide positive impacts upon affected individuals so that they can feel more engaged and more productive. Healthy people are happier.

Envitia is supporting MHFA England’s brand new toolkit #HandsUp4HealthyMinds filled with tools and resources to aid mental health. You can learn more here

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