Envitia MapRite And The HM Land Registry LLC Programme

Last week Envitia attended the HM Land Registry Local Land Charges National Conference 2018 at the Kia, Oval in London. It was a well organised event that had some thought-provoking talks which highlighted the changes that digital transformation is bringing to the home buying process.

The main focus of the day was on the new digital Local Land Charges (LLC) service, however, it also brought to attention that many Local Authorities might be using inaccurate, out-of-date mapping that is not suitable for migration to the new digital LLC service.

Largely due to its ability to automate more than 80% of transformations and dramatically reduce the manual effort required to cleanse data before migration to the digital LLC service, Envitia MapRite has been used by over 160 customers to date.

Envitia MapRite is the market-leading solution for automated asset location alignment, correction and data cleansing. It is a software programme that allows its users to:

  • Automatically align LLC (and other) data to post-PAI mapping
  • Cleanse data, removing digitising errors (overlaps, bow ties, overshoots, etc.)
  • Make manual corrections to data, quickly and accurately, through the integrated editing tool

The HM Land registry has set its sights on having all LLC data migrated into the new digital service by 2025 which means this is an exciting time for the transformation of the LLC service. The Warwick, Liverpool and City of London councils have already migrated their data into the new digital LLC service with another 23 planning to do so over the next year.

Talks at the conference highlighted the benefits of migrating to the new service which not only include the simplification of the search process to customers but also to the Local Authorities who should see this as an opportunity to clean up their data to create a better dataset, to provide a better service.


Here you can watch MapRite at work

and to learn out more about how Envitia MapRite can help prepare data for the LLC migration, contact:

sales@envitia.com or +44 (0) 1403 273 173


To find out more on the LLC programme you can use the links below:

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HM Land Registry Blog: Preparing to launch our Local Land Charges live service

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