Atos Recognises Envitia As Innovative Technology Partner

Atos, the global leader in digital transformation, recently published its Digital Vision for Farming thought leadership paper quoting Envitia as a subject matter expert and innovative technology partner.  The paper, part of the Atos Digital Vision programme, explores how innovation must be leveraged to support the UK’s food, farming and environment industries.

Envitia, a world leader in geospatial and data software, provides high-performance and high-precision solutions for customers to fuse multiple data sets from sources that are normally unconnected.  Envitia works in partnership with ATOS and Rural Payments Wales to support the Glastir Agri-Environment land management programme through which farmers apply to the Welsh Government for financial support.

Envitia’s digital farming application manages the processing of those applications by bringing together all the necessary geographic and business information required to automate the financial support application within complex EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidy rules.

Envitia’s unique technology delivers a sophisticated rule-based geometry engine and editing capability that ensures that only compliant applications are submitted.  This this critical technology decreases administration overheads and provides an immediate indication of compensation to the farmer.

And, by ensuring compliance, the Welsh Government has not been subject to EU fines for inaccurate applications, unlike other EU Governments, some of which have been fined over £600m in penalties since the scheme began, which has led to intense political and press scrutiny. Even worse, the farmers themselves have had their payments delayed which, for some, can represent 50% of their income.

Envitia is now supporting Atos and Rural Payments Wales through its digital transformation programme and migration to cloud services.

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