All Day DevOps At Envitia

Yesterday the Envitia team hosted a viewing party for ‘All Day DevOps’. An online event, All Day DevOps provided 123, 30-minute practitioner-led video stream sessions and a live question and answer session throughout the day on the cloud based collaboration tool, Slack. The schedule was made up of 5 tracks; Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, Cloud-Native Infrastructure, DevSecOps, Cultural Transformations, and Site Reliability Engineering.

Before the event, Envitia were looking to host the viewing party as a way to learn more from the DevOps community about the culture change, the transition to DevOps, and the details on best practice within this arena. As an organisation that was looking to embrace DevOps into its current development structure, this was an opportunity to enhance the journey into DevOps through engagement and by stimulating communication within Envitia around DevOps as a subject, as well as a way of working in the near future.

The day provided a learning curve for Envitia. A lot of engaging sessions, including a couple of standout talks as well, meant company engagement throughout the day was high and meant the insight received was wide spread across the team. This was a first step for Envitia and a key point taken from the session was that the current approach into DevOps is in line with what other companies experienced at this same early stage. The talks on show triggered conversations into areas that had not been explored as of yet and injected discussions on DevOps topics that were unplanned for but provided welcome idea generation.

DevOps is a culture change and is one that will branch throughout the entire team. While the journey into DevOps may have only just started for Envitia, the culture this company is working in has already seen change. DevOps looks to be a part of that continuous change and it is not only the engineers that are excited about the possibilities that DevOps possesses, as all within the company look forward to a new way in delivering products and a new way to deliver for the company.


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