Envitia Wins Global GEO IOT Award

Envitia has won the GeoData Intelligence award at Geo IoT World, the international forum for geolocation and IoT innovation.

The award commended Envitia’s Collaborative Autonomy for Emergency Scene Assessment and Response (CAESAR) application, which helps first responders through an autonomous, decision-making support system.

CAESAR is able to gather data from numerous IoT sensors and other sources, and continuously analyse, tag and prioritise that information to identify the most appropriate courses of action in emergency situations.

Envitia designed a way for the system to connect to multiple IoT sensors, through the use of an open standard interface.

Nabil Lodey, CEO of Envitia, said: “We are delighted to receive this award, which is testament to the innovative work we are doing in this sector. The CAESAR application fuses geo-analytics, IoT sensor feeds, and machine learning to reduce the time taken for emergency services to plan responses, and increase the safety and situational awareness of the responders.”

Growing on the success of CAESAR, Envitia is looking to develop solutions that can exploit and analyse IoT data from platforms such as drones, wearable tech and self-driving cars, to help businesses gain better insights from their data.

Over 150 Geo IoT innovators from more than 40 countries were present at the event, which took place in Brussels, Belgium on 11-13 June.

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