Roger Brackin Appointed As Strategic Geospatial Advisor

Roger Brackin has been appointed to the role of Strategic Geospatial Advisor at Envitia, the geospatial software and solutions company. Brackin is a world-renowned geospatial expert at the forefront of the drive towards open data and open standards as the means to unlock the untapped value of location-based data. This role will enable Brackin to broaden his activities within the international geospatial community and the open data movement.

Nabil Lodey, Envitia’s CEO, stated that “the geospatial sector is quickly becoming more than just a specialised industry and is now at the heart of everything we do where location provides the connection between the digital and physical world. Good examples of this are applications with a strong mapping element, such as Uber or AirBnB, as well as sectors, such as digital supply chains and transport, that are being revolutionised through the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

“Roger, has been one of the leading lights in the industry to enable this to happen due to his specialist skills and knowledge. This new role enables Roger to become more closely involved with external strategic projects and industry bodies while continuing to be an integral part of the Envitia team.”

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