MapRite is the market-leading automated software solution for asset location alignment and correction. It delivers data cleansing, auditing, conflation and the management of real-world change to unprecedented levels of accuracy and has been successfully used by over 160 organisations world-wide.

What is MapRite?

MapRite is Envitia’s unique solution for the essential task of handling asset data management against change in base mapping due to real-world change and PAI / PI (Positional Accuracy Improvement / Positional Improvement).

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Why Choose MapRite?

With a well-defined business rules-base, MapRite facilitates a high degree of automation to process data to new mapping. Typical results of features moved to an overall high confidence of > 80% means a small percentage remaining to manually analyse and edit. The consequence is significant savings in the overall cost of project, whilst consistently providing very high-quality results. Additionally, human error is minimised and project timescales are greatly reduced.

Time saving

  • Will take away a minimum of 80% of your problem

Cost saving

  • A fully automated process with only minimal manual intervention required
  • Minimal QA ensured through confidence metrics on 80% of results

Saving resources

  • Continue with work as usual sooner

Key Features

  • Configurable business rules to meet your transformation requirements
  • Editing tools in one program, optimising effectiveness
  • Data cleansing
  • Simple import and export of data with your corporate GIS
  • Reporting facilities and audit trail indicating success rates and processes undertaken
  • Points, polygons and lines all supported
  • Support from our expert MapRite consultants who have succeeded in these projects time and time again

Using MapRite, you can achieve high success rates for automated processing, with the residual being precisely identified through highly detailed metric information. Integrated review and editing facilities allow you to make any necessary changes quickly and accurately. All MapRite metric information can be exported back into your GIS to provide you with a full audit trail, and to allow you to make manual corrections within your GIS should you prefer to take this approach.

Local Land Charges

The HM Land Registry is undergoing a digital transformation and part of this transformation includes the new Local Land Charges (LLC) digital service. By 2025 all Local Authorities will have migrated their data to the new digital service allowing consumers to access LLC data in seconds rather than days. Some Local Authorities are using inaccurate, out of date mapping that is not ready for migration. MapRite can automatically transform your asset data to post-PAI mapping and cleanse data, removing digitisation errors (overlaps, bowties, overshoots etc.). Talk to Envitia today to help you on your migration journey.

What Do Our Customers Think?

“Purchasing Envitia’s MapRite offered us the flexibility for managing and controlling our own re-alignment and improvement of data.  We were also keen to engage in some data cleansing to improve the overall quality of our data.  MapRite will give us the flexibility to do that as and when we are able to release staff resources.”

Mark Edwards – Acting GIS Leader at Telford and Wrekin Council

“MapRite was clearly up to the task, and gave us the confidence to move forward with our PAI project.  We chose MapRite, after considering a number of other PAI solutions, due to its efficient workflow and flexibility in configuration. The quality of shift is excellent, meaning we have confidence in the software to both clean and transform our data onto the new base map.”

Alastair Jardine – GIS Administrator at Hambleton District Council

“We chose MapRite after considering and evaluating a number of different solutions.  It had all the right answers to our problems from a technical and operational viewpoint.  It gave us the ability to correct and improve our own GI data in a sensible and predictable manner that fitted in with our workflow patterns. The net result being corrected data that is better than before PAI.”

Joe York – GIS Manager at Huntingdonshire District Council

“MapRite was chosen for our data cleansing project, prior to the LLC transfer and web maps, due to the very good experience we had during our PAI cleanse. The ability to tailor the configurations to our particular needs and therefore increase the accuracy, meant the amount of manual correction could be kept to a minimum. The speed of use and user interface also made for a fast and efficient project.”

Andy Wellington – GIS Specialist at South Hams District Council | West Devon Borough Council

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