MapLink Pro SDK Suite

MapLink Pro is the global leader in dynamic mapping visualisation software. It is utilised by some of the most well-known applications from leading International systems integrators including BAE Systems, IBM, Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics.

Why choose MapLink Pro?

  • Save time and cost bringing your high performance mapping applications to market through
  • Rapidly deliver applications with best-in-class map visualisations, even on limited hardware resources
  • Exploit the widest range of defence and GEOINT data formats and services
  • No ITAR restrictions
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Available across Windows, Linux and Android which lowers development costs and enables future reuse of code
  • Hands on training allowing you to quickly get up to speed with the tools and can even be customised to achieve your application goals
  • Annual support and maintenance with unlimited phone and email support and direct access to our MapLink Pro engineers

Interactive Visuals

MapLink Pro is the world-leading mapping, geospatial analysis and visualisation software development kit (SDK). This video showcases some of the interactive and real time capabilities the SDK can provide for your applications. Contact us for more information.


Platform Support

MapLink Pro is easily integrated into your new or legacy software applications and works on a range of operating systems, development and deployment environments. Contact us for more information.


MapLink Pro Core SDKs

The SDKs provide a toolkit for developing situational awareness applications with moving map data, imagery, terrain and 3D visualisation. This results in significantly faster developments with a set of tool that will integrate with many platforms.

The Core SDK is the basis of all MapLink Pro applications. Like all MapLink Pro SDKs, it is modular and flexible.

The main components of the Core SDK:

  • Surfaces and Layers. These objects are the primary constructs to hold and manipulate geospatial data models and to display the various types of geospatial data. Layers included support both local mapping and overlay, as well as service-based client layers for WMS, WMTS, and similar.
  • Geometric primitive objects, such as polygons, ellipses, text etc., are the foundational building blocks that allow construction of complex symbols, geofences, and other geometry-based domain overlays.
  • Coordinate Systems. These instantiations provide access to the GIS background of the mapping engine to leverage archived datums and projections for purposes of map transformation.

Terrain SDK

The Terrain SDK provides fast access to layered terrain data that has been prepared through MapLink Pro Studio. It can also load DTED data natively, without pre-processing.

The methods on the Terrain Database object allow for query of spot height, profile along a line, area height information, and area intervisibility. Pre-processing the data allows it to be transformed into a pyramided structure that allows these queries to operate more efficiently at appropriate levels of resolution. Developers have the ability to further manipulate these queries to manage the trade-offs between speed and accuracy, ensuring the highest level of fidelity whenever operationally necessary.

MapLink Pro Mobile

Brings proven MapLink Pro high performance geospatial capability to your Android™ device, in the most demanding of connected or disconnected environments

Capabilities include:

  • Visualisation of vector and raster maps and overlays along with live data feeds
  • Multi-threaded map display for smooth, responsive applications
  • Comprehensive set of spatial operations enabling local geo-processing
  • OWS Context support enabling distribution and exchange of geo web services
  • OGC GeoPackage open standard based data support
  • Layering and de-cluttering of features
  • WMS/WMTS data layer
  • Advanced terrain view and viewshed


Editor SDK

The Editor SDK provides additional facilities for the interactive creation and manipulation of vector overlays. GUI building blocks are provided for the creation of editing panels and symbology selection palettes.

This SDK is designed to accelerate development of operations that require substantial interaction with the map to construct overlays, such as specifying target sites, routes, hazard or exclusion zones, or other geofenced perimeters.

MapLink Pro Studio

MapLink Pro Studio is a separate, stand-alone application that is both a cartographic design tool and a data pre-processing station.

The design functionality enables the user to define styling and portrayal rules, as well as customise quantity and type of data visible at different levels of resolution. The pre-processing functionality translates disparate, inconsistent datasets encoded in formats that are non-optimal for runtime access and visualisation to a unifying dataset in a format that the runtime SDKs can interact with more rapidly for better performance.

Data format support

MapLink Pro supports hundreds of vector, raster and terrain data formats including defence specific formats. These can be both local to the device or via an open web service such as OGC WMS.

Some of the data formats supported include:

ADRG, ARCS Chart, ASRP, BSB Nautical Chart Format, CADRG, CIB, ECRG, ECW, GeoPackage, Geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, MrSID, NITF/NSIF, USRP, DAFIF, DFAD, DNC, DXF, Envitia ASCII, FileGBD, GDF, GeoPackage, GML, Jeppesen, KML, MIF/MID, NITF/NSIF, OpenStreetMap, OS Master Map, OS NTF, S-57, S-63, Shape Files, VPF, GeoJSON, TAB, ArcGRID, ASCII DEM Data Format, DMDB-V, DTED/DMED and APP6 and MS2525 symbology.

Why do our customers choose MapLink Pro?

We meet their needs in a way that helps them create the best application for their customers. Please contact us to find out how we can help you and your organisation.

We chose MapLink Pro on its performance. As an important element aerosystemsin our mission planning system, it has a broad range of functionality and supports a wide range of data formats. It meets all our requirements.” John Spencer, Senior Software Development Engineer – Aerosystems International

We use Envitia’s MapLink Pro for displays on the data management system in our maritime patrol aircraft. It meets a strenuous set of requirements in which display speed is critical. We chose Envitia because they were highly responsive to our needs as well as being cost effective.” Ian Alldritt, Chief Engineer – General Dynamics Mission Systems

For many years, Envitia has performed exceptionally well in a technical capacity as well as a support and account management capacity.  Their technical solutions have been efficiently incorporated into advanced systems, and have performed very well on a consistent basis.  Advances in technology are continuously rolled out in an effective manner.   Proactive maintenance and support of their products have also been outstanding.”  Ken Davey, Engineering Program Manager – L-3 Communications

I want to commend the MapLink product, and say thanks for the excellent and timely support I received from Envitia without which it wouldn’t have been possible. Telephonics launched a search for COTS products that could help them develop a high performance visual display which could fuse foundation map data with the dynamic real-time radar input. MapLink Pro was one of the only products available that could deliver the OpenGL based rendering and dynamic projection required for this complex challenge. ” Martin Beizer, System Engineering Group – Telephonics

After a thorough review of the market, we chose MapLink Pro because it was the only mapping tool available that had both the flexibility and performance to meet the demands of our real-time environment. We found the MapLink Pro API to be powerful, easy to use and reliable. Envitia’s support, although rarely needed, has always been outstanding.” Tim Stanley, VP Product Innovation – Ultra Electronics ATS

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