Market Specific Products

Each market, from defence to real estate, has its own unique challenges around location and data requiring a solution that addresses its needs. Our market specific products turn innovation and research into a usable tool that delivers immediate value


MapRite is the market-leading automated software solution for asset location alignment and correction.

It delivers data cleansing, auditing, conflation and the management of real-world change to unprecedented levels of accuracy. MapRite has been successfully used by over 150 organisations world-wide.

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Envitia's Training & Simulation Technology

Training and simulation is often plagued by stove-piped systems and workflows, data and environmental incompatibilities, and an inability to deliver to the trainee the quality of experience required to adequately train for live responsibilities. Envitia’s technology breaks down these barriers, reducing turnaround times, manpower demands, and costs, while still improving reliability and efficacy of training.

A fundamental problem of building an accurate synthetic environment is the task of finding the right data and packaging it properly and quickly for the image generation or simulation system. Envitia’s technology allows for the rapid and automated discovery and integration of federated Modelling & Simulation Assets, as well as a platform for extensible data workflows for data production and export.

Disjointed, stove-piped training capabilities and composite elements of synthetic environments – different data sources, data formats, algorithms, and timing – create inconsistencies and disconnects between trainee experience and operational demands. Envitia enables soldiers to “train as they operate” by providing a scalable, standards-based platform to streamline data processing and provide uniform, authoritative data access and exploitation.

Envitia has been supplying visualization technology to operational and training command and control, situational awareness, and navigational systems for over 20 years and underpins some of the most well know simulation systems worldwide. Envitia technology makes the training experience more immersive through faster, more responsive applications and the ability to display the varied high fidelity, high density data that drives simulation systems.


MapLink Pro

MapLink Pro is the global leader in dynamic mapping visualisation software. The MapLink Pro component SDKs are designed to help you to construct dynamic display applications quickly and simply, and give you a high degree of control over their behaviour. The cross-platform suite provides versatile SDKs for extreme performance geospatial applications proven in demanding operational environments.

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