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The SL Graphical Modelling System, SL-GMS

  • Version 6 of SL-GMS available now.
  • JAVA Applet downloads, built using the GMS JAVA Code Generator.SL-GMS Toolkit

SL-GMS is an interactive, object orientated application framework providing a fast and flexible system for the creation of graphical applications using C++, ActiveX and JAVA. Graphical objects are linked directly to application data for dynamic display and interaction – all without recourse to extensive programming. SL-GMS is an open system, completely integrated with industry standards.
SL-GMS allows the creation of high-performance, sophisticated graphics ideally suited for applications in:

  • Satellite telemetry & Aerospace
    • control & ground stations
    • real time simulators
    • test facilities
    • as used by NASA for Shuttle Launch Control and by IRIDIUM for satellite command & control
  • Network management
    • distributed communication networks
    • detect, evaluate and respond to changing network conditions
    • display and monitor end to end connectivity data

SL-GMS is used by leading control systems developers world-wide and deployed in hundreds of mission-critical programs. It is designed for embedding into larger applications where it manages all of the dynamic-graphics display and user-interface functions. Proven in both complex and simple control systems, SL-GMS can be used with Windows, UNIX, OpenVMS, or QNX.
The technology supports the creation of custom editors for creating derivative products for specialised use. It speeds up time to market and dramatically reduces development time and support costs.
Major advantages include:

  • Full application framework
  • Extensive automated screen management
  • Dynamic objects
  • Motif/MFC integration
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Programmerless screen design
  • Open system
  • Standards integration
  • Custom editor components
  • Portability of applications
  • High performance
  • Minimal application code

Version 6 of SL-GMS
This latest release of SL-GMS is the result of several years of extensive research and development. In recent years, versions 5.0 through 5.4 of SL-GMS were augmented by a series of features known as the Enhancement Package. In version 6.0, the features of the Enhancement Package along with several other enhancements have been merged with the core of SL-GMS into a single product which provides a system uniquely applicable to the next generation of high-performance dynamic graphics operator stations and process control systems.
The new features of SL-GMS version 6.0 provide a number of ways in which the dynamic graphics screens used in high-performance operator stations can be made available across a network, be it an intranet or the world wide web. These capabilities are provided through increased support for component technologies including Java Bean, Java Applets, and Active X.

If you have applications that need integrated maps and dynamic information contact us now.
Envitia are the registered European suppliers of SL-GMS developed by SL-Corporation of California.