Software Engineering

Our experts deliver scaled development, crafting resilient data architectures and secure technology systems and infrastructure for efficient cloud and software services.

Software engineering expertise

At Envitia, our engineers are masters of their craft, taking great pride in producing software products that are accessible, efficient, scalable, secure, performant and supportable, providing a foundation for fulfilment beyond immediate needs.  We fully embrace an open architecture approach with open standards throughout our delivery ensuring that the solutions we deliver are expandable and fit seamlessly into customer environments.
User-centric solutions 
User experience is at the heart of all solutions that we develop. Discovery phases, based on the principles of design thinking, enable our engineering team to establish close working relationships with users and customer stakeholders, working in partnership to fully understand the problems that you are trying to address and thinking beyond to design for future state capability.
We deploy flexible agile delivery approaches to build software solutions that meet specified requirements and quality standards but also retain the agility and flexibility to iterate development. Our approach enables the engineers to design and create reliable, scalable and efficient software that will facilitate seamless integration, automation and intelligent innovation.  
We design for supportability: our applications are built with support in mind, and where appropriate we provide a full DevOps pipeline using a continuous improvement/continuous development (CI/CD) approach.
Securely hosted and enterprise grade
We are adept at delivering cloud-based and on-premises applications, using a solution-appropriate mixture of bespoke and open-source code. Our experience of working in complex and secure environments means that we consider security from the outset, embracing secure-by-design principles in everything we build. Indeed, Envitia has more than 30 years-experience delivering high grade software to customer environments such as aircraft, boats, UAVs and traditional IT/cloud platforms.
Into the future – the benefits of our software engineering approach 
Our best-in-class software engineering practices provide the runway for solutions that will eliminate the pain points of legacy systems. We design and build applications that are fit for the future, enabling future scale up and integration with emerging technology.
Agile at heart, our approach embraces a blend of industry best practice, best-in-class tooling and a flexible, user-centric design approach.  We focus on business outcomes to unearth the “why”, thinking beyond stated requirements and helping our customers understand the art of the possible. Working in partnership, we delight our customers with the results. 

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