Applied Research

As radical advances in technology accelerate, organisations need to be aware of the ever-increasing range of technologies available to them. Our Applied Research team apply their deep domain expertise to solving tomorrow's problems. 

Track record in applied research excellence

Envitia has an extensive track record in providing applied research capabilities internationally for over 20 years. Clients include UK MOD, NATO, government agencies and industrial partners for whom we have run major research programmes engaging with multiple stakeholders and multiple participant organisations. In each case we focus on the value of the research and its applicability, and pride ourselves on delivering outcomes which leads to operational benefit.

Rich history of cutting edge research

Some of the main research areas we are addressing are:

Geospatial Standards: to maximise the exploitation of intelligence data.

Machine Learning: Development of mission support and intelligence capabilities integrating human and automated approaches.

Internet of Things: Exploiting the wealth of sensor information to support critical applications such as First Responder systems to increase situational awareness.

Visualisation: Increasing the accessibility of geospatial information through plug and play analytics and focussed visualisations.

Interoperability: Experimentation to optimise the value of geospatial and related data delivery technologies and solutions using testbeds and pilots.

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