In the ever-changing world of data, innovation is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. We deliver innovation by applying our understanding of location intelligence – the power of space & time.

Data Science

Whether it’s user generated unstructured information such as social media, structured data such as sensor networks or the increase of new AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning, organisations can become overwhelmed.

Activity Based Intelligence

Gaining an understanding of what is currently unknown to an organisation enables new insights to be drawn and improved decision making through foresight. This forms the foundation of Activity Based Intelligence, the 4th age of intelligence.


The increase in the availability of data, amplified by the ever-increasing need to derive more value from it and potential constraints on customer resources leads to a clear requirement for intelligence autonomy. This needs careful application since software will not fully replace humans in key aspects of the decision-making process.

The ability to discover and correlate data objects is fundamental to gaining a better understanding of how data streams can improve operational performance. We work with our customers to curate novel solutions that provide the building block for advanced analytics. Our solutions help customers integrate data from multiple sources, uncovering patterns and understanding change, improving decision making.

‘Geo-reference to discover’ is a core pillar of ABI and is also key to delivering Structured Observation Management (SOM) and Object Based Production (OBP). Our extensive capability in geo-enrichment underpins these new concepts thereby significantly reducing the data deluge problem for the analyst.


Experimentation is an important element in the innovation process. It allows incremental development, extensive testing, proving concepts and gathering important quantifiable evidence to support business requirements.

We understand that seamless use across devices is crucial in extracting the most out our products, from tablet to mobile, and wearable to desktop. We work with our customers to optimise the application of technology and the integration of data from unmanned systems, intelligent sensors and other data types to provide effective analysis and courses of action.