Enjoy expert advice in geospatial data management, cloud-based service implementation and the combination of leading technologies to improve decision-making and operational performance.

Unlock the hidden power of location with geospatial data analytics

Everything happens somewhere, and understanding the relationship between the physical and digital worlds can deliver insights you never knew existed. With the right data and specialist geospatial software, you can overcome complex big data challenges and make critical decisions with confidence. At Envitia, we call this getting the data foundations right.

Geospatial business outcomes

Geospatial data is about more than just maps. Anything that can be located in time or space can provide insights that traditional analytics would miss. From tracking assets around the globe to detecting patterns in logfiles, to minimising carbon emissions: mastering geospatial data is critical to businesses worldwide. With real-time geospatial analytics and the power of cloud computing, you can detect patterns and changes across millions of data points allowing you to respond at the speed of relevance.

Experience the power of geospatial analytics with Envitia

With over 30-years of experience as world leaders in geospatial data, Envitia has helped global organisations tackle a wide range of use cases from agri-tech and flood management to flight tracking, drone swarming and national defence.

Our long-standing expertise covers research and development, delivery and support of a multitude of geospatial applications. Our workforce includes research scientists, analysts and application engineers: we are able to understand, design and deliver solutions to the most complex geospatial data problems.

We aren’t just ‘users of tools’: we are proudly technology agnostic and define the international interoperable standards with OGC and other consortiums to ensure our customers are not locked into undesirable proprietary technology. We apply our experience to select the right technologies to solve our customers’ problems and ensure the solutions leave a lasting legacy.

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