Envitia delivers scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud infrastructures, facilitating seamless digital transformation and optimised IT operations.

A Blueprint for Change

When investing in change to drive improved business outcomes you need a blueprint for aligning business strategy with technology, people, process and data. This is Enterprise Architecture. At Envitia we are market leaders in providing strategic architecture services in large and complex environments. 

Focus on Business Outcomes 

Defining and implementing large-scale change can be a daunting task, irrespective of the areas and domains involved. The risk of producing architectures that don’t fit or are never fully adopted is significant. Our iterative approach focuses on continuous delivery of business outcomes, delivering real results, every time.  

We deploy a framework where users and consumers of architectural products are fully involved and complicated problems are simplified into core use cases, which are quickly delivered against. This greatly speeds up delivery, drives close collaboration and supports regular validation of business benefits. We frequently achieve success where others could not. 

Delivered as a Service 

We offer Architecture as a Service: multi-disciplinary teams that scale up, and down, to target all aspects of your business problems including Enterprise, Business, Data, Solution, Application and Infrastructure Architectures. Our partnering approach builds trust, and we keep you involved throughout. By delivering as a service, we provide skills as they are needed, delivering fast and saving money. That’s the Envitia difference.  

Deep Data Expertise 

Modern business challenges increasingly rely on the correct application of data. With over 30 years of experience in solving complex data problems, Envitia can help you to get the right data, in the right place, at the right time.  

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