Public Sector

Access multiple data sources and deliver valuable information in a format that is easy to use by your customers

Improved efficiency and productivity through better data management

The demand for improved efficiency and the need to better exploit increasing volumes & varying types of data means highly efficient data management is key for public sector organisations. Many organisations also provide a service to make data available to other public and private sector entities in the UK and abroad.  Data therefore needs to be delivered in a manner that is valuable to the end user.

Expertise to deliver

Our in-depth understanding of geospatial & data modelling, enables us to provide trusted capabilities for business critical systems. Open by design, our high-performance data technologies & exploitation capabilities provide improved knowledge of & access to shared data & information.

Proven track record in public sector

Envitia has worked on a number products made bespoke for the public sector. For example, our MapRite software is used by over 150 local authorities and utilities in England & Wales, including Land Registry, Network Rail, Scottish Power.

This product continues to be utilised by public sector companies prior to a forthcoming upgrade to be introduced to meet the needs of 5G and Smart City concepts, where even greater positional accuracy will be possible to offered to meet the needs of our customers.

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