World Class Spatial Information Technologies

Geospatial Applications

Powerful tools for the management, processing and viewing of geospatial information


Envitia MapRite

Learn More Envitia MapRite is the market-leading automated software solution for asset location alignment and correction. It delivers data cleansing, auditing, conflation and the management of real-world change to unprecedented levels of accuracy.

Data Applications

Learn More Envitia supply a range of data processing tools. Powerful tools to handle, visualise and analyse many sources of environmental data, including geography, terrain, remote sensing, hydrography, oceanography and meteorology data.

Geospatial Viewers

Learn More The MapLink Pro ENC Viewer is a Windows application that provides the capability to visualise maritime S-57 data via compliant S-52 charting specification. The viewer also supports S-63 encrypted data. The viewer can be downloaded for free from the Downloads area.