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Improve organisational effectiveness with Envitia GeoRegistry

Envitia GeoRegistry is step-change in the way organisations use geospatial data resources. Designed by world leading experts it makes geospatial data more accessible both across organisations and between them. It puts the power of data in the hands of those who need it when they need it, creating new insights and enhancing decision making.

At its core is the ability to link disparate data sets in new ways. Across the whole enterprise, users can find, access, and share all the data available to them, regardless of its storage location. This allows organisations to exploit the real value of its data, and drive cost-efficiencies by preventing duplication of data sets, significantly speeding up the search processes and increasing collaboration between users.

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The power of a Registry

Envitia has worked with Registry technology since its inception and is now a world leader in its design, installation and use, with a specific focus on handling complex information like location-specific data (geospatial data) or time-sensitive data.

The result is Envitia GeoRegistry: a system which ensures organisations have a single point of access to reliable data sets and services that can be rapidly exploited to support the effective delivery of services and operations.

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Features of Envitia GeoRegistry

Envitia GeoRegistry provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools and advanced capabilities – empowering users to manage distributed catalogues of data in a cost-effective and seamless manner.

Operational benefits

The ground-breaking approach to linking data allows disparate data and services to be combined together in new ways, allowing users to discover new relationships and develop a new understanding of their activities.
  • fast: spend time using data, not searching for it
  • efficient: rapidly discover, use and share data through intuitive interfaces and visualisation tools
  • powerful: sophisticated searches based on linked data capabilities and support for multiple taxonomies
  • multi data: access simple and complex data, geo and non-geo data, and data of variable quality
  • authoritative: ensure critical data is current and can be verified as fit-for-purpose at the point of use
  • competitive: different user communities access data and services through a single system, removing the need to support multiple systems and portals
  • cost effective: compelling ROI by preventing data duplication and through faster searches

IT network benefits

System design and installation is by professionals focused on creating a solution tailored to exactly match the needs of individual customers, with expert support available before, during and after implementation.
  • high security: flexible security structure support for multiple user roles, ensuring the right information gets to the right people, supported with full audit trails to provide system wide transparency
  • open standards: fully compliant with open standards, providing interoperability with other systems and ensuring metadata can be exchanged through federated searches
  • expandable: designed as a scalable system, it can be built incrementally to grow with the organisation, and is supported by a wide range of plug-ins to ensure a future-proofed system
  • unified storage: storage of metadata, symbols, rules, specifications and services in an integrated repository ensures they can be managed and controlled in a unified manner
  • data controls: allows migration to new services and data versions in a controlled way and ensures both current and deprecated data is accessible if required

Typical implementation

Envitia GeoRegistry has been designed using open source industry standards. This allows implementation to be made within existing IT infrastructures and supports interoperability with embedded databases. It includes a range of security models, load balancing, replication, and redundancy.

This provides the scalability necessary to support a large user base, and ensure provision of the highest levels of Quality of Service demanded by organisations.
The keys stages in a typical implementation are:

1. Consult users to determine business needs
2. Develop the information model
3. Deploy registry including user specific extension packages
4. Configure security to meet user needs
5. Configure the harvester to populate Envitia GeoRegistry from all required data sources and services
6. Deploy portal and train staff
7. Implement new insights

Customised solutions to optimise data value

The unique experience of creating customised systems for a wide range of users, ensures the Envitia solution can be installed efficiently allowing organisations to implement the technology rapidly and capitalise on the strategic advantages it provides.

Bring the benefits of a GeoRegistry to your organisation

Data presents different organisations with different challenges. For some the issue is the sheer volume of data, and for others it is the need to do more with the data they already have. In both cases, Envita GeoRegistry represents a powerful new way to handle this data and harness the new information to drive organisational efficiency. For many organisations then, it represents an opportunity to improve the delivery of services, and for others it can even become the basis for a new source of competitive advantage.

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