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Envitia GeoInt Server

GeoInt Server

Envitia GeoInt Server is a secure, accreditable solution for fast, managed access to geospatial information and intelligence

Delivered via high performance web services, GeoInt Server enables geospatial information and intelligence, including environmental and social data layers to be searched, analysed, and shared through mature open standards. Envitia GeoInt Server supports shared situational awareness in client applications and web browsers using domain specific tactical graphics.

Key Features

  • Extensible registry platform for cataloguing and controlling all spatial data

  • Support for all key defence and environmental geospatial data formats

  • Web portal for spatial data visualisation, integration, analysis and exploitation

  • Shared situational awareness tools, including routing, navigation, terrain analysis, viewshed, line of sight and shared annotation using military symbology

  • Customisable to fit with your data management requirements

Key Benefits

  • Geospatial intelligence and shared situational awareness ’out-of-the-box’

  • A rich platform for environmental data delivery to any application

  • Manage data more effectively with version control, data security and reporting tools

  • Superior geospatial intelligence through high performance data integration, analysis and visualisation

  • Easily integrate additional data analysis and visualisation services via standards-based interfaces

  • Reuse and support for multiple data stores

Providing Superior Geospatial Intelligence Across the Organisation

Envitia GeoInt Server provides a complete set of services and tools needed to give your users superior access to geospatial intelligence and environmental data. Envitia GeoInt Server enables organisations to deploy a powerful Spatial Data Infrastructure with minimal effort, automating the cataloguing, visualisation and publication of all your organisation’s data.
Envitia GeoInt Server delivers extensive support for military specific formats such as CADRG/CIB, ECRG, ASRP/USRP, NITF/NSIF, DBDB-V, DAFIF, and Jeppesen ARINC 424, as well as world-class visualisation of tactical graphics such as APP6A, 2525B, hydrographic data (e.g. S-57, S-63, S-52), and meteorological and oceanographic formats such as NetCDF and GRIB. External web services and other online sources can also be catalogued and integrated, along with non-spatial data and unstructured data sources. GeoInt Server

Web Applications

The Envitia Horizon Portal provides users with a web-based tool for spatial data visualisation, integration, analysis and exploitation. The tool allows users to share, view and edit the same maps and annotations between web, mobile and desktop users. It is built on open and accessible standards and these are available via web services such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Services and OWS Context.

Extensibility and Flexibility

Browser-based tools and web services for sophisticated search, assessment, visualisation and annotation of geospatial information are included as standard. Envitia GeoInt Server can also be extended with additional specialist specialist web processing services, such as high-precision data editing, and with Envitia MapLink Pro - a collection of flexible cross platform APIs, enabling your organisation to build visualisation, data integration and optimised tactical display web services, fully integrated with the GeoInt Server environment.

Shared Situational Awareness

Envitia GeoInt Server provides a set of tools enabling a user to compile and annotate an environmental or common operating picture, and to efficiently share this with other desktop, web and mobile users through secure, standards-based interfaces.

Security and Access Control

Supporting single-sign-on (including Microsoft Active Directory®), Envitia GeoInt Server applies robust and customisable user- or role-based access control to your data assets and web services, enabling you to efficiently enforce your organisation’s specific digital rights policies.

Interoperability Using Open Standards

Envitia GeoInt Server supports ISO and Open Geospatial Consortium web services including WMS, WMTS, WFS, WPS, WCS, CSW ISO, CSW ebRIM, OWC and GeoPackage, facilitating interoperability and enabling Envitia GeoInt Server to integrate with existing systems.