MapLink Pro

MapLink Pro is the global leader in dynamic mapping visualisation software. It is utilised by some of the most well-known applications from leading international systems integrators.

Why choose MapLink Pro?

  • Save time and cost bringing your high performance mapping applications to market
  • Rapidly deliver applications with best-in-class map visualisations, even on limited hardware resources
  • Exploit the widest range of defence and GEOINT data formats and services
  • No ITAR restrictions
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Available across Windows, Linux and Android which lowers development costs and enables future reuse of code
  • Hands on training allowing you to quickly get up to speed with the tools and can be customised to achieve your application goals
  • Annual support and maintenance with comprehensive phone and email support and direct access to our MapLink Pro engineers


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Interactive Visuals

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MapLink Pro is the world-leading mapping, geospatial analysis and visualisation software development kit (SDK). This video showcases some of the interactive and real time capabilities the SDK can provide for your applications. 


Map Data Mosaicking

MapLink Pro provides several ways to read data, including live at run time or pre- processed. Having these options enables more control over the map content, combining data from different sources and coordinate systems into a single geo-referenced map mosaic, thereby improving map display responsiveness and minimising disk capacity requirements.

Empowering Developers

Supporting a broad variety of platforms, operating systems, and compilers, MapLink Pro empowers developers to use their development environment of choice.

MapLink Pro ships with development walkthroughs, documentation and sample programs, allowing software developers to rapidly create new mapping applications or extend an existing code base to include advanced geospatial functionality.

High Performance Visualisation

Delivering extremely responsive rendering on both Windows and Linux platforms, MapLink Pro enables for the simultaneous display of thousands of live tracks, complex geospatial overlays, and real-time sensor plots, along with native support for military standard symbology, including APP6 and MS 2525.

Map Data Support

MapLink Pro supports hundreds of vector, raster and terrain formats as well as OGC Web Services. This extends beyond standard and commercially available formats to defence-focused encrypted formats. Custom support available if you have any special map format requirements.

MapLink Pro ships with development walkthroughs, documentation and sample programs, allowing software developers to rapidly create new mapping applications or extend an existing code base to include advanced geospatial functionality.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

A set of SDKs that provide a modular and flexible toolkit for developing situational awareness applications with moving map data, imagery, terrain and 3D visualisation.

The SDKs easily integrate into new or legacy software applications, work on a range of operating systems, development and deployment environments and allow for significantly faster software developments cycles.

MapLink Studio

This stand-alone application (MapLink Studio) is a cartographic design tool and a map data pre-processing station.

MapLink Studio enables the user to define styling and portrayal rules, as well as customise the map data that is visible at different levels of resolution. The pre- processing functionality translates disparate map formats that are non-optimal for runtime access into a unifying dataset in a format that the runtime SDKs can interact with more rapidly for enhanced performance.

Key Features and Benefits for Software Developers

  • Provides tools for development of applications in both connected and disconnected environments.
  • Local data management capabilities include: Direct data loading, Persistent tile caching and OGC/NGA GeoPackage support.
  • MapLink Pro’s high-performance Web Services data layers enable applications to operate in a cloud-based architecture. Customers can build OGC-compliant servers with web map services capability (WMS, WFS and WPS).

Data Analysis and Computation

The advanced algorithms used in MapLink Pro are paired with the highest calibre visualisation engine to ensure end-users can be presented with mission-critical information faster than on any other system.

MapLink Pro contains a number of progressive functions including spatial data analyses, prediction models, advanced line-of- sight calculations and spatial queries that drive geofencing and route-planning.

Operationally Proven


  • Enables you to enhance your application with high performance proven geospatial technology
  • Feature rich and fielded in demanding operational systems and on limited hardware platforms
  • Compatible with most GUI toolkits and can easily be integrated with an existing application
  • Provides application control and flexibility whilst minimising delivery time and cost
  • Flexible licensing models with absolutely no restrictions due to ITAR

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“We use Envitia’s MapLink Pro for displays on the data management system in our maritime patrol aircraft. It meets a strenuous set of requirements in which display speed is critical.”

Ian Alldritt, Chief Engineer, General Dynamics Mission Systems

“Advances in technology are continuously rolled out in an effective manner. Proactive maintenance and support of their products have also been outstanding.”

Ken Davey, Engineering Program Manager, L-3 Communications

“The reason we chose MapLink Pro was because it was the only mapping tool available that had both the flexibility and performance to meet the demands of our real-time environment.”

Tim Stanley, VP Product Innovation, Ultra Electronics ATS

Resources and documentation

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Platform Support

MapLink Pro is easily integrated into your new or legacy software applications and works on a range of operating systems, development and deployment environments. Click here to view documentation. 


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Frequently asked questions

The SDK is designed to be integrated into mission- critical applications and deliver the consistency and reliability required in those environments. MapLink Pro has no main rendering loop, never throws exceptions or takes control from the application; software developers control all data manipulation and rendering directly through the API.

APIs are available in C++, C#, and Java to meet a wide range of customer development environments and integrate with all of the most common application and user interface frameworks, including Qt, MFC, WinForms, and WPF.

Envitia provides a range of tailored Training and Consultancy options to help customers get the best from MapLink Pro. We can help to accelerate projects, produce optimised applications and customise components to speed up your development cycle.

Our consultancy services provide the flexibility, expertise and focus to help you complete any geospatial project. We can provide the solutions that will help any organisation access the potential of their geospatial information. Contact us for more information.