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Envitia Land Information Server

Envitia Land Information Server is a powerful and configurable editing subsystem to enable management and interaction of geospatial data within a browser.   Delivered via high performance web services supplementing open source components, Land Information Server manages an unlimited number of foundation layers, allowing users to create and modify sophisticated overlays to meet their business needs.

Land Information Server


Key Benefits
  • Guided editing for performance and accuracy
  • Embedded business rules – minimising error
  • Mixed economy solution – reduced licence cost
  • Configurable business rules  – maximum flexibility
  • Fast and accurate data definition
  • Role based capabilities from view to full edit
  • Aligned with Government ICT policy – Digital by Default
Introducing Envitia Land Information Server


Envitia Data Service

Provides secure, role-based access to the business data and provides business rule configuration to the web clients.


Envitia Editing Service

Provides specialist browser based editing functionality that supports both interaction with reference data held in the Spatial Data Store and other algorithmic functions that cannot easily be performed in the client using Javascript. For Example:  Dynamically Snapping to/following OS MasterMap


Envitia Seamless Layer Builder

Ability to create seamless maps and apply change only updates to current map and to store historic mapping for audit purposes. Optimised cache for web serving


Envitia Web Map Service

High performance, scalable OGC WMS compliant web service. Serves large scale mapping datasets. Rapidly serves large scale mapping datasets and aerial imagery to users over the web.



Open source map and feature server providing standardised web access to GIS data sources and cartographic quality maps


Providing Superior Geospatial Intelligence Across the Organisation

Envitia’s editing and spatial analysis service combine to provide a powerful solution for organisations with critical management challenges with changing legal requirements.  The business rules plug-in allows automated and constrained data capture within an intuitive browser based interface, reducing the amount of resource used by the organisation.  Efficient foundation data management ensures high performance even for remote users.

Extensibility and Flexibility

Envitia services add extra configurability, domain focus and expertise to the existing open source software.  Our powerful mixed economy approach allows an organisation to extend and modify the solution to address specific business challenges in an incremental fashion.


Spatial Data Management

Unlimited number of reference layers can be configured to provide critical visual cues to allow the user to manage the data efficiently, with the opportunity to promote and follow features from layer to another one.  Through the Envitia Access Control Service, role based users can be allocated capabilities according to their responsibilities within the business.  Public access is also managed through this service.

Historic Data Access

Uniquely to the Envitia product set, a full history of change is maintained as real world changes are applied to the reference layers.  Incremental changes can be applied and rolled back as required allowing users to view historic maps and even assets should the need arise.


Optional Services:
Envitia Impact Analysis Service

The Impact Analysis Service enables an organisation to asses, monitor and manage the map changes that they have applied.  Driven by digitising and business rules, the service alerts users to the impact of any change of a reference layer to any individual asset layer with powerful metrics to indicate the extent and effect of that change.  Solution candidates can be automatically generated to suggest effective updates.