World Class Spatial Information Technologies

Envitia GEOINT Suite

Location Driven Intelligence

An open platform for the discovery, management and analysis of information in space and time

- enabling faster decisions and improving outcomes

Envitia GEOINT Suite is a secure, accreditable solution for fast access to geospatial information and intelligence. It supports shared situational awareness delivered via high performance web services in client applications and web browsers using domain specific visualisations. Envitia GEOINT Suite brings intelligence together and empowers users to make sense of it, with a proven and rapidly deployable platform to integrate into solutions.

Key Features

  • Discover, visualise, integrate, analyse and exploit enterprise-wide spatial data via the web
  • A single point-of-presence for all your organisation's location based data
  • Support for a wide range of spatial data formats
  • Interoperate with third party technology and products
  • Rapid access to static and dynamic information
  • Harvest metadata from federated catalogues and datasets

Key Benefits

  • Provides superior geospatial intelligence
  • Enables better decision making
  • Saves time and cost
  • Improves operational effectiveness
  • Avoids vendor lock in
  • Delivers interoperability
  • Reduces initial investment

Supported Platforms

GEOINT Suite is available on both Windows and Linux. A containerized release available on Docker is also available on request. Most common browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are supported. See datasheet for specific details.
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