World Class Spatial Information Technologies


ENVITIA GEOINT Suite is an open platform for the discovery, management, analysis and visualisation of information in space and time – enabling faster decisions and improving outcomes. Delivered via web services, ENVITIA GEOINT Suite provides shared situational awareness supporting multiple, specialist communities of interest, ideally suited for command and control, first responder and intelligence operations. ENVITIA GEOINT Suite brings intelligence and location together empowering users to derive greater insights and informed decisions.

Version 2.0 of ENVITIA GEOINT Suite delivers extended capability focussed at integrating a wide range of ‘geo-related’ data handling, including unstructured text and social media images, allowing ENVITIA GEOINT Suite to address one of the key elements of Activity Based Intelligence, correlation of information based on space and time. These capabilities build on ENVITIA GEOINT Suite’s open architecture to exploit a diverse set of analytic tools delivered by micro-services. The overall capability extends the product’s reach into a wide range of intelligence domains.

“At ENVITIA, we are seeing a significant move towards integration of situational awareness and intelligence systems, and believe that ENVITIA GEOINT Suite is an ideal platform to support such integrated MULTIINT mission systems, enabling better decision-making and leading to better outcomes. Furthermore, by avoiding vendor lock in, our open solution retains maximum interoperability and enables you to improve your operational awareness with minimal subsequent investment.” John Massey, ENVITIA CEO.

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