Building Mission Critical Situational Awareness Applications

How to ensure performance and agility in an embedded or web based C2 application

Powering your Situational Awareness Application

Mission systems span a wide range of operational requirements and environments but all have the same overall goal: to deliver actionable information to users in situations where clarity of information, timeliness, and system resilience are critical.

Whether your application is disconnected, embedded, on mobile platforms, or net-centric service-oriented systems, high performance and specialist situational awareness capability is essential.

MapLink Pro

The MapLink Pro Suite is Envitia’s software technology for mission system developers to create high performance situational awareness and map-based C2 systems.

Feature rich and proven in demanding operational systems, our suite of products provides system integrators and OEMs with the application control and flexibility they need while minimising delivery time and cost. Specialist technical support and first-class customer service combine to make Envitia the supplier of choice.

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Envitia Web C2 Platform

Envitia’s Web C2 platform enables highly scalable situational awareness to support Multi-Domain Command & Control.  Designed for modern cloud based architectures the platform provides the ability to integrate all shared services and components within a standards based framework.

The platform is feature rich supporting C2 for Air, Land and Sea operations and has the ability to track “hundreds of thousands” of objects from various sources and supports the required operational computations and analytics.

Building on Envitia's Proven Technology

Envitia has been supplying technology for situational awareness in mission-critical systems for over 20 years. Our technology is the underpinning of some the world’s most well-known C2 and ISR applications, ranging from strategic SIGINT platforms and operational surveillance assets to tactical mission planning and air defence systems.