Finding the Right Data, at the Right Time, to Make Better Decisions

How to access underutilised data from legacy systems and make it available to new services

Your Data. Your Insight.

Envitia has worked with customers across Government and the private sector to understand critical customer gaps in locating and exploiting data, from within the organisation as well as from external sources, such as Government and Social Media. Envitia’s expertise and technology enables our customers to get more from the data that is already available to them.

Data Expertise and Technology

Envitia’s data scientists provide the expertise to understand your data architecture and data models to ensure that data held within multiple legacy systems and disparate sources are all available to the decision maker to solve his or her business problem.

Envitia’s Data Platform and artificial intelligence and analytic tools enables our customers to extract the usable information and create the necessary insight that can only ever be found when overlaying multiple sources of data. Often location and time provides the context to finding that insight, which itself is the critical factor in improving decisions which just could not happen without a new insight.

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