About Us

In a fast moving world, the need for instant knowledge is a constant driver. We help organisations make better and faster decisions by addressing business challenges around data and location

We're focused on your data challenges

We provide technologies and services to solve your data challenges and enhance decision making.

Through a combination of domain expertise, information systems design and implementation coupled with innovation and proven technologies, we consistently deliver value to our customers around the world.

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Why us?

We listen, understand and translate to flexible, open technology, with no vendor lock-in.

In short, we make it easy for you to work with us. We work with your current architecture and tools so we can focus on your urgent needs and maximise the value we provide to your organisation, in the shortest time possible.

In a highly complex area of technology and information, we have earned a reputation of making the process easier and simpler thanks to our flexibility, obsessive focus on our customers’ needs, and our experienced team of developers and data scientists.  We provide the data expertise and technology so you can focus on your customers.

Our customers

The need to find, organise and exploit data is common across every sector so opportunities to apply Envitia’s technology and expertise apply to many different industries and sectors from Defence to Public Sector and Corporate organisations.