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Enterprise Software

Making geospatial information and intelligence available to organisations, systems and people.

Envitia GeoRegistry
Learn More Envitia GeoRegistry is step-change in the way organisations use geospatial data resources. Designed by world leading experts it makes geospatial data more accessible both across organisations and between them. It puts the power of data in the hands of those who need it when they need it, creating new insights and enhancing decision making.
Envitia Discovery
Learn MoreEnvitia Discovery enables organisations to quickly discover, catalogue, and publish geospatial data. The suite provides a set of automated tools for cataloguing, versioning, processing and publishing spatial data which make the challenging task of data management and publishing automated and uncomplicated.

GeoInt Server
Learn More Envitia GeoInt Server is a secure, accreditable solution for fast, managed access to geospatial information and intelligence. Delivered via high performance web services, Envitia GeoInt Server supports shared situational awareness in client applications and web browsers using domain specific tactical graphics.

Developer Tools

Powering more than 10,000 deployed systems worldwide.

MapLink Pro
Learn More MapLink Pro is the ultimate mapping application toolkit. The software developer kits (SDKs) provide support for a variety of mapping capabilities, including terrain analysis, geometry editing, 3D, and web services.

Envitia GI Web Services
Learn More A fully supported suite of geospatial open standards web services comprising the OpenGeo Suite and GeoServer in the cloud, as well as Envitia's advanced web services suite. It offers the fastest way to publish geospatial information to the web.
Learn More SL-GMS is an interactive, icarus object orientated application framework providing a fast and flexible system for the creation of graphical applications using C++, ActiveX and Java.

Geospatial applications

Powerful tools for the management, processing and viewing of geospatial information.

Envitia MapRite
Learn More Envitia MapRite is the market-leading automated software solution for asset location alignment and correction. It delivers data cleansing, auditing, conflation and the management of real-world change to unprecedented levels of accuracy.

Data Applications
Learn More Envitia supply a range of powerful data processing tools to handle, visualise and analyse of many sources of environmental data, including geography, terrain, remote sensing, hydrography, oceanography and meteorology.

Geospatial Viewers
Learn More The MapLink Pro ENC Viewer is a Windows application that provides the capability to visualise maritime S-57 data via compliant S-52 charting specification. The viewer also supports S-63 encrypted data. Contact us to learn more.